Estate Planning Basics- Oracle, Santa Clara, CA, June 19th

Estate Planning Basics- Oracle, Santa Clara, CA, June 19th

Estate Planning Basics


June 19,2019 | 12:00pm-1:00pm

SCA23 4230 Leonard Stocking Drive, Santa Clara CA 95054 Room:# 1730

Private Event



The Basic Estate Planning Workshop educates you on the legal and practical steps you take to protect your loved ones in the event of their disability or death.  It is usually conducted at businesses, senior living facilities, universities, and philanthropic organizations. Through real-life stories and easy to understand legal principles, Laura and Josh help you really think about how to meet your legal and moral obligations to your loved ones and ensure your assets will pass to who you want, and avoid a long, expensive probate court process.

Who Should Attend

The Basic Estate Planning Workshop is ideal for any adult to attend, whether you’re married, single, elderly, wealthy, disabled, parents, etc.

What You'll Learn

  • How to name a guardian for a minor child or grandchild ​
  • How to avoid a long and expensive court process known as probate ​
  • How to make sure the money you leave behind would be immediately and privately available to your family ​
  • How to protect your spouse and children’s inheritance from creditors, predators, future divorces and lawsuits ​
  • How to make your medical wishes known and ensure they are honored ​
  • How to direct what should happen to your virtual assets including blogs, social media accounts, and online financial accounts ​
  • How to leave behind far more than just money

Legal Documents

Attendees usually receive a free Virtual Assets Instruction Letter to list their online account information and instructions, or a Family Wealth Inventory Spreadsheet they can use to list their assets.


How long is the Basic Estate Planning Workshop?
This workshop usually runs 1 hour.

What if I already have an estate plan?
Many people who attend our workshops already have some type of estate planning in place.  They use the workshop as an opportunity to re-evaluate their choices, or to feel more confident that their existing plan will fully protect them. 


Our Basic Estate Planning Workshop receives outstanding reviews, including these:

- The best hour I spent on determining what type of estate planning my family needed. (Suzanne, Irvine)

- This was surprisingly informative without scaremongering.  I understood more of what we need to do to care for our son and loved ones.  I am not scared but instead motivated to do my planning. (Renee, Orange)

- A good discussion to help kick start the planning that I have been procrastinating. (Jennifer, Los Alamitos)

- I learned so much! The Meiers made a very unpleasant and heartbreaking subject bearable! (Betsy, Fullerton)

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