NAMI - OC: 10 Legal Protections for Children with Special Needs - February 27th

NAMI-OC : 10 Legal Protections for Children with Special Needs - February 27th

The Special Needs Workshop is for parents and grandparents of a child with a disability. Through real-life stories and easy to understand legal principles, our presenters help parents understand the legal and practical steps they must take to ensure a lifetime of love and care for their child. Our presenters are personally involved with organizations that benefit children with disabilities, and they are committed to helping parents obtain the services, care, education, and future that their family deserves.

February 27, 2019 | 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Hoag Center for Healthy Living  Conference room 105B 307 Placentia Ave Newport Beach, CA 92663

RSVP to Bonnie Johnson at 949.718.0420 or [email protected]

Who Should Attend

The 10 Legal Protections For Children With Special Needs Workshop is designed for parents, grandparents, and relatives of any child with a disability (minor or young adult).  

What You'll Learn

  • How to name a guardian for a child with a disability
  • How to avoid a long and expensive court process known as probate
  • How to pass money to a child with a disability in a way that would not disqualify them from receiving government benefits
  • What is a special needs trust and whether it’s necessary
  • What is a conservatorship and what are the alternatives
  • How to ensure your child can live the lifestyle you envision for them if anything should happen to the parents
  • How to leave behind far more than just money

Legal Documents

Attendees usually receive a free Memorandum of Intent to document their vision for their child’s life if anything should happen to the parents.