Kids Emergency Planning

We know that your children’s protection and well-being are the most important things to you.  We are committed to helping you completely protect your kids, just like we have protected our own!

Clients often say that Josh and Laura Meier are ‘parents first’ and ‘lawyers second’ when it comes to estate planning for families with young children.  They understand how much parents worry about their children’s safety and well-being, especially during an emergency, such as a parent’s incapacity or death.  

Josh and Laura asked the same questions after they became parents, that you are likely asking now:  What happens if my spouse and I are seriously injured in an accident or while traveling?  How would our babysitter know how to contact our family members or what to do?  How would anyone know we even have a Will or Trust or where it’s located?  How would first responders know we have kids waiting for us at home?  Would the police or paramedics call Child Protective Services for our kids if we were hurt?  How can we ensure our kids would only be placed in the care of our trusted family members or friends, and not in the care of strangers?

Josh and Laura realized both as parents and attorneys that having a traditional family estate plan is simply not enough to protect children during an emergency!  

This is why Meier Law Firm not only provides families with young children a comprehensive family estate plan but also a complete and separate Kids Emergency Plan that ensures children are cared for and protected the moment something happens to their parents.

Protecting young children is a cornerstone of our law firm. Meier Law Firm has become the ‘go to” estate planning firm for California families with young children.  Josh and Laura have helped thousands of parents name permanent guardians for their children both through our popular Kids Guardian Workshop and also through Laura Meier’s  #1 best-seller, Good Parents Worry, Great Parents Plan—The Guide to Protecting Your Child with a Will and Trust, which shows parents what they must do to protect their children for worst-case-scenarios where something happens to the parents.

If you have young children, you can count on us at Meier Law Firm to fully protect them today and always. Our Kids Emergency Plan ensures:

  • Your children would only be placed in the care of trusted family members or friends during an emergency, and not in the care of strangers;
  • Your caregivers would know exactly what to do and who to call if you did not arrive home;
  • Your children’s medical history is documented, and trusted family members or friends would know of any medical needs they may have;
  • First responders would know you have minor children waiting for you at home, and how to contact trusted family members or friends who could care for your children;
  • Your children’s medical decisions would be made by someone you trust and have chosen, and not by the state if your child needed medical attention and you were hurt or unavailable; and
  • Your guardians would know your wishes for your child’s upbringing, and what other important family members and friends you wish to participate in their lives.

Please do not spend your family’s hard-earned money on an estate plan that cannot fully protect your children if anything happens to you.  Make sure you have both a Family Estate Plan and a Kids Emergency Plan, and a trusted family attorney your loved ones can turn to during an emergency.

Find out more about how you can protect your kids by calling our friendly Client Services Director, Bonnie Johnson (also a mom of two great kids!) at (949) 718-0420 today.