How We Can Help Prepare and Protect You

With our help, you never have to worry about facing life events alone, or being unprepared.We are here to assist you and protect you each step of the way.

Elder Law - Medi-Cal & VA Benefits

We help your loved one secure government benefits to fund in-home care or long-term care, without them having to first go broke. This is accomplished legally and ethically through robust medical and financial powers of attorney, gifting strategies, trusts, and other strategies, that help your aging loved ones retain their financial security and age with dignity.

Special Needs Estate Planning

Working with families whose children have special needs is a great honor for our team here at Meier Law Firm. It is also a great responsibility we do not take lightly.  We understand that the families who turn to us for help have so much on their plate.  Many of them have had to make personal and financial sacrifices to provide their child the care and resources they need.  They have had to battle with insurance companies and school systems. They go from one therapy to the next.  On top of everything parents juggle, they deeply worry what would happen to their child and their lifetime care if something happened to them as parents/caretakers.

Estate Planning

While estate planning documents alone are never enough to fully plan for and protect your loved ones, they are a key component. These special documents include wills, revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts, durable powers of attorney, health care documents, and more.

Probate & Trust Administration

If a loved one has passed away, we extend to you our deepest sympathy. We know this time is overwhelming, to say the least, and we are here to help you sort through the financial and practical matters that will need to be addressed. If you aren’t sure what plans our loved one had in place if at all, don’t worry. We are here to help you get through and have the resources and support you need.

Asset Protection

We assist our clients in determining the appropriate level of asset protection planning for their particular circumstances. We will consider insurance, prenuptial agreements, asset segregation, choice of jurisdiction, gifting, LLCs, partnerships, corporations, and asset protection trusts. Customized combinations are layered depending on the needs of the client and as appropriate.

Private Retirement Plans

Kids Emergency Planning

Protecting young children is a cornerstone of our law firm. Meier Law Firm has become the ‘go to” estate planning firm for California families with young children.  Josh and Laura have helped thousands of parents name permanent guardians for their children. If you have young children, you can count on us at Meier Law Firm to fully protect them today and always.