Planning for Life’s Best

Planning for Life’s Best

At Meier Law Firm, we believe that you can’t really plan your estate unless you’re ready to plan your life! The estate planning process is the perfect opportunity for families to evaluate where they are today, where they want to go, and ultimately what they hope to leave behind.

Most traditional law firms prepare a set of standard estate planning documents and send clients on their way when the transaction is over. But at Meier Law Firm, we not only prepare custom estate plans based on what you want for your family, but we also offer the Lifeline Program so we can continue to support you and help navigate through life’s changes.

Being a member of our Lifeline Program is just like having a lawyer in the family. For more information about our Lifeline Program, please call 949.718.0420 or contact us.

Lifeline Program

  • Annual Plan Review with Unlimited Plan Amendments
  • Annual Legacy Interview to preserve your most important asset for your loved ones— who you are and what’s most important to you
  • Annual membership in service providing 24-7 online access to important medical documents
  • Substantial discounts on other firm services
  • Annual review of assets and update of your assest spreadsheet
  • Other valuable membership enrollment bonuses