October 2014 Newsletter

Laura K. Meier
Creating estate, business, and life plans that ensure a family’s complete protection and well-being.
 Personal Note From Josh and Laura
Dear Laura,
The countdown to Halloween has begun at the Meier Home and probably yours as well.  We are actively trying to convince the kids why it's cool to wear what their sibling wore last year!
With all the hustle and bustle with school, work, sports, and the holiday season soon approaching, we go back and forth between total excitement and sheer exhaustion. As much as we love the kids, we find ourselves wondering what life will be like when we can just go out together for a date without having to move heaven and earth.
All of us need time with our partners and encouragement in our marriages. We see this need for ourselves, our friends, and many of the families we serve. Today's quick-step is for all of us married couples, who may not have the time and flexibility to jet set off to a romantic getaway, but want to take one step closer to the one we love, or the one we want to love again, or maybe even just the one we need to love.
All the best,
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Weekly Quick-Step For the Prosperous Family
Quick-Step: 12 affirmations your spouse needs to hear.
What it is: Simple words that show your spouse you appreciate them.
Why you need this: Marriage has its ups and downs, and taking one step closer toward your spouse through words of affirmation can be a gentle turning point toward a better relationship.
Estimated time: 10 seconds (the more the better).
How to do it: Incorporate these 12 phrases with your spouse when you interact or face a conflict:
1. I know this isn't your fault.
2. My part of the problem is...
3. I see your point.
4. Thank you for...
5. That's a good point.
6. We are both saying...
7. I understand.
8. I love you.
9. I am thankful for...
10. One thing I admire about you is...
11. I see what you're talking about.
12. This is not your problem, it's OUR problem.
Source: Dr. John Gottman; The Gottman Institute, Inc.
Featured Article
Hollywood Legend Lauren Bacall Leaves Large Estate and Two Potentially Large Headaches for Heirs
Legendary Hollywood actress Lauren Bacall died on August 12, 2014, leaving behind an estate estimated at $26.6 million and three children who face a couple of potentially serious problems that could have been avoided through effective estate planning. 

Bacall, who was married to Humphrey Bogart and Sam Robards, passed away in her New York City apartment, which at a $10 million valuation constitutes a sizeable part of her estate.  Bacall used a will as the governing document of her estate plan instead of a revocable living trust, so the division of her estate is public record.


Her will was made public a mere 10 days following her death because her children plan to auction off her artwork this fall.  As a resident of New York, Bacall’s estate will be subject to both state and federal estate taxes.  A trust left to her by Bogart will also be subject to tax based on its valuation.

Read more.
Upcoming Events
Join us at an upcoming event this month and invite a friend to come! It's always great to see you.
Event: The Kids Guardian Workshop at UP of Southern California
Dates and Times: Friday 10/24/14 at 10am and Thursday 11/6/14 at 6pm.
Location: UP of Southern California, Tustin CA
All attendees will receive a free copy of Laura's new book Good Parents Worry, Great Parents Plan, compliments of Colin Nimsz, Financial Advisor at AXA Advisors.
Event: Orange County Catholic Diocese Wills and Trusts Week Workshop
Date: Saturday 10/25/14
Time: 10am-12pm
Location: Saint Pius V Catholic Church, Buena Park CA
Event: The Kids Guardian Workshop at Chabad of Irvine
Date: Monday 11/3/14
Time: 6pm-7:15pm
Location: Chabad of Irvine
Childcare and pizza provided.
Event: The Kids Guardian Workshop at Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Beach
Date: Wednesday 11/5/14
Time: 6pm-7:15pm
Location: Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Beach
Childcare and pizza provided.
Thank You
We want to sincerely thank Marguerite Christian School and Phil Jones, Financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual, for hosting our Kids Guardian Workshop. Thank you also to the Ron Siegel Home and Finance Radio Show for having Laura as a guest.
We want to sincerely thank Jim Davenport, Mike Hauxhurst, Ross Anderson, Kay Flierl, Ross Anderson, Adam Monson, Alex Goldberg, Kris Reddaway, and Brian Davis for your referrals.
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