November 2015 Newsletter

Laura K. Meier
Creating estate, business, and life plans that ensure a family’s complete protection and well-being.
Upcoming Events
Do you have a family member or friend who still needs to name guardians for their children, or has a child with a disability?  Help them get started on protecting their children today by inviting them to an upcoming workshop.
Here is our upcoming workshop schedule:
11/17/15 - Special Needs Workshop at United Cerebral Palsy of OC
11/18/15 - Special Needs Workshop at ABC Unified School District
11/19/15 - Kids Guardian Workshop at Irvine Community Nursery School
12/01/15 - Kids Guardian Workshop at UCI Center For Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders
12/02/15- Special Needs Workshop at UCI Center For Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders
You can register for a workshop by visiting
or you can email our Client Services Director Bonnie Johnson at [email protected] or call her at 949.718.0420.
Our workshops are full of parents just like you! We would love to have you join us.
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About Joshua and Laura Meier
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Joshua and Laura Meier are top California family trust attorneys and the parents of four young children. Their Newport Beach estate planning law firm is dedicated to guiding families.
Laura is the author of the highly-acclaimed book, Good Parents Worry, Great Parents Plan. Josh and Laura conduct estate planning workshops throughout Southern California and have been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, WORTH, OC Metro, ParentingOC, and more.
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We want to sincerely thank you for your online reviews!
"The Meier Law firm exercises a legal compassion with their clients that starts from a desire to educate, not to sell a service. Our family has such a peace now that our arrangements have been made in a way that reflects our family's values and financial means. It's especially helpful for growing families that the initial investment in the firm's services offers clients a lifetime service to continually update their will/ trust. Beyond individual client service, their community workshops and support of local non-profits lends knowledge and credibility to their work.—Ashley T.—YELP Review
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Personal Note From Josh and Laura
12th Annual Orange County Children's Book Festical
Dear Bonnie,

We're so glad fall is here!  We're finally able to wear our jeans again and even needed a jacket out on the football field!


November is the month of giving as you know, and this Newsletter has a lot of tips on how to help our kids and ourselves learn to give more. Above is a photo of our youngest son, Andrew, at the United Cerebral Palsy Orange County annual Golf Classic. Andrew was a young ambassador at the event because he receives speech therapy services at UCP-OC. I met so many parents there whose kids face such tough challenges that weighs heavily on the parents' hearts and resources. Yet, despite their own family's challenges, they still do whatever they can to help support the other parents whose children are also in great need. I'm reminded of our role to help each other however we can.


Joshua and I want to wish your family a wonderful thanksgiving.  We are really blessed to know your family and we hope you know how much we appreciate your friendship.
All the best,
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Weekly Quick-Step For the Prosperous Family


Quickstep: 5 Ways To Teach Kids to Give


What it is: 5 ways you can help your kids to develop a lifestyle of giving.


Why you need this: We’ve heard a million times that life is a bubble here in Orange County. We all want to raise kids who understand the needs of others and feel a sense of obligation to help. By helping our kids learn to give while their young, they will likely feel a strong obligation to give as they grow older. They will also learn to appreciate what they have.


Estimated time: 1 hour per week


How to do it:


  1. Start the Conversation. While talking to your kids about charity can be complicated, it is essential to start while they’re young. By doing so, you will give them the necessary context moving into adulthood. But kids are always questioning things. So be prepared for lots of “whys” alongside an occasional puzzled look. But that’s okay. You’re teaching a life lesson and may even learn something yourself.
  2. Give Your Rationale. Explain to your kids why you support certain charities. By going through your reasoning, they will develop a clearer understanding of what’s meaningful to you. This will then help them discover favorites of their own.
  3. Get Them Involved.  Start by discussing their hobbies and interests. And with that in mind, ask them to pick a charity they would like to support. They’ll learn a lot about giving as well as themselves.
  4. Make It Fun. By making charity something they enjoy, they’ll look forward to it. You can also make it worthwhile and fun by doing it together. For instance, when shopping for the holidays, let the kids decide which toys to give to other kids in need. If you bring a little healthy competition into the fold, your children will want to “win” at giving back. Post each act of giving by a family member right on the kitchen refrigerator – for all to see. But don’t worry. In the end, everyone wins.
  5. Develop a Routine.  Get in the habit so it’s not out of the ordinary. Giving should be normal. Making it a part of their childhood will go a long way to achieving that. It’ll end up being fruitful for both you and them.

FAMILY CHALLENGE: Have your kids pick a charity they love and go visit the charity this holiday season.  Help the kids decide a specific act they can do or a contribution they can make to benefit the charity they've chosen.


Source: Ally Bank:

Featured Article

Using Life Insurance for Charitable Gifts

By Paul Glowienke, Financial Advisor with Northwestern Mutual

The greatest advantage of a gift of life insurance is that a donor can make a substantially larger gift to charity by using life insurance than by giving any other asset. Relatively modest annual premiums mature into a substantial death benefit at the donor’s death. This is further enhanced when a charity owns the policy because of the income tax charitable deduction the donor receives.


The donor’s gift (cash to pay premiums) essentially costs less. For example, for a donor in a 30% tax bracket, a gift of $2,500 really costs $1,750 after factoring in the income tax charitable deduction.

The gift of an existing policy can be relatively “painless” to the donor in several respects. The transfer is simple; all that is required to complete the transfer is a change of ownership form. Absent a loan on the policy, the donor does not recognize income no matter how large the gain. In addition, if the donor does not intend to use the policy as a source of cash, a gift of a policy is not often perceived as a “loss” of an asset.


A charity-owned life insurance policy requires less administration by the charity than many other assets, like real estate or business interests. In addition, the charity can easily take advantage of cash values in the policy before the donor’s death by using loans or withdrawals. Both the cash value buildup and the death benefit are generally income tax-free to the charity.


The death benefit, whether from a policy owned by the charity or with the charity as beneficiary, is received by the charity without reduction for estate or income taxes and is not subject to the delays and expenses of probate. The death benefit is less likely to be contested by the donor’s beneficiaries than other assets.


Congress encourages charitable contributions by providing income tax deductions for gifts to charity. In order to take advantage of these deductions, a donor must meet certain requirements and is subject to certain limits:


Read more here.


Article prepared by Northwestern Mutual with the cooperation of Paul Glowienke. Paul Glowienke is an Insurance Agent with Northwestern Mutual, the marketing name for The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company (NM), Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and its subsidiaries. Paul Glowienke is a Registered Representative of Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC, a subsidiary of NM, broker-dealer, and member FINRA and SIPC. Paul Glowienke is based in Newport Beach, CA. To contact Paul Glowienke, please call 949-863-5803, email at [email protected], or visit


Thank You

Thank you to the United Cerebral Palsy Orange County, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for hosting our estate planning workshops.


Thank you to Jennifer Owens, TJ Delight, Harold and Sammie Lee, Bruce and Valerie Hall, Mike Ludin, Marc and Anne Bonfeld, Kevin Messenger, Pat Norton, Dan Solomon, Jeremy Rose, Dan Garcia, Suzee Johnston, Craig Hirson, Randy Morris, Brian Davis, and Bruce Parker for your referrals