New Year's Edition 2015

Laura K. Meier
Creating estate, business, and life plans that ensure a family’s complete protection and well-being.
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We want to sincerely thank you for your online reviews!  We have had several new families find us thanks to your great reviews of Josh and Laura on Yelp, Amazon, Facebook, Avvo, and Google. We really appreciate you taking the time to put in a good word for us!
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Personal Note From Josh and Laura
Dear Laura,

Happy New Year! We hope 2015 is off to a great start for you!  We had so much fun over the holidays with family and friends.  We were so surprised to get SNOW in South Orange County on New Year's day! As you can see from the photo, our youngest son Andrew had a blast and could not have been happier.


Laura's new year resolution was to create a family budget. She noticed that families who have a monthly budget (regardless of income) seem to have a lot more money on hand for fun purchases, charitable giving, and retirement. This week's quick step is 12 easy steps for creating a family budget.


All the best,
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Weekly Quick-Step For the Prosperous Family

Quickstep: Create a monthly budget.


What it is: A complete understanding of what you make, what you need, what you want, and what you spend money on so your family can enjoy life while building financial independence.


Why you need this: Only 40% of families have a working monthly budget.  Without having a budget, families tend to spend money on unnecessary expenses, incur debt, and cannot build financial independence.  It can also hurt your marriage and overall security.  By having a budget, you can enjoy more fun, less stress, and more overall financial and emotional security.


How to do it: Follow these 12 Steps to create a family budget:

  1. Decide to start a budget. This is surprisingly the hardest step.
  2. Know how much you have. Tally up all your accounts, (including interest rates or expenses).
  3. Know how much you make. If you do not have a set income, use the average monthly income based on the last 6 months.
  4. Know what you owe.  Credit cards, mortgages, student loans,  and any other debt you have.
  5. Determine your financial net worth. Just subtract what you owe from what you have.
  6. Determine your average recurring monthly expenses. Cell phone bill, life insurance, utility bills, preschool, nanny, and any other monthly expense you have.

For the full 12 steps and expanded guidance for each step, click here.



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How To Reduce the Cost of Long-Term Care Insurance

A person who turns 65 today has a 70% chance of needing some type of long-term care at some time in their remaining years, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. On average, women will need 3.7 years of long-term care and men will need 2.2 years of care. Only 20% will need care for longer than five years.


If you don’t have the financial resources to pay for this long-term care yourself – either for a nursing home stay or in-home care – you will likely consider long-term care insurance to fill the void. While annual premiums can vary according to your age and health status, they can be fairly expensive.


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We want to sincerely thank Carter's Irvine Spectrum and Bijan Noori with Baypoint Insurance and Financial Services for hosting the Picture with a Princess and Meet the Author Event!
Thank you also to the McChesney Family, Candace Huie, David Wagner, and Andrea Casaw for your referrals.