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Laura K. Meier
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5/6/2015 - Kids Guardian Workshop at the Creek Preschool in Orange.
5/20/15 - Ten Steps For Children with Special Needs at the UCI Autism Center in Tustin.
6/16/15 - Estate Planning Essentials at the City of Seal Beach
6/23/15 - Kids Guardian Workshop at City of Seal Beach
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About Joshua and Laura Meier
Joshua and Laura Meier are top California family trust attorneys and the parents of four young children. Their law practice is dedicated to guiding families.
Laura is the author of the highly-acclaimed book, Good Parents Worry, Great Parents Plan. Josh and Laura conduct the popular Kids Guardian Workshop throughout Southern California and have been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, WORTH, OC Metro, ParentingOC, and more.
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We want to sincerely thank the Lee Family and Maxwell H. for your 5 Star Yelp Reviews!!
"If I could give more stars, I would. Laura and her staff are the most wonderful people you will meet. I've never met a lawyer who really cares about you and your family's future. The Meier Law Firm went beyond our expectations in our estate planning, with their personal touch. The step by step processes she explains, it was so easy and understandable. If you also have a child with special needs, I highly recommend Laura and her team. They really do care."—Lee Family, Yelp Review 4/29/2015.
"The Meier's are great business owners, great attorneys, and above all else-- great people. They will help you develop a plan to protect your assets and ensure that you and your loved ones are protected. Hire with confidence."—Maxwell H., Yelp Review 4/28/2015.
We have had several new families find us thanks to your great reviews of Josh and Laura on Yelp, Amazon, Facebook, Avvo, and Google. We really appreciate you taking the time to put in a good word for us!
Personal Note From Josh and Laura
Laura, Nana, and Mom

The biggest day of the year is coming up this Sunday, AKA Mother's Day (at least in our house it is)! This week's quick-step features real moms filling us in on what they really want most for Mother's Day.


The list made me think of a recent conversation I had at a gala with a wealthy, well-respected woman. She was asking me about my family and I mentioned to her that with four young children, my home now feels too small and the kids seem too loud. She shook her head as though she could fully relate. She said "Laura, when my kids were small my husband made me move to a tiny 1200 square foot beach cottage because he wanted to be near the water. I thought I would go crazy being crammed in there with two small children. I eventually got my big dream home and my kids are now grown. Do you know I would give anything to go back in time to that little beach cottage when I had my little ones right there with me?"


Well said. Happy Mother's Day! We're all in this journey together.

All the best,
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Weekly Quick-Step For the Prosperous Family

Quick Step: Give Mom What She Really Wants on Mother's Day!


What it is: 20 tips from real moms on what they really want for Mother's Day.  Mothers of young children take note: the mothers of grown children have a strong message for us at the end.


Why You Need This: Being a mom is the best job in the world, but it is also the hardest. It's normal to wish the chaos away, especially on Mother's Day! But keeping a good perspective seems to be the key to really enjoying motherhood.


Estimated Time: 24 hours on Sunday May 10th.


How to do it: Read below and find out what mom really wants:

  1. I would like one day to NOT feel guilty for all the things I am not doing, or "should" be doing. One day where all the little things that go unnoticed or undone are not my responsibility.
  2. I want to be in the house for five minutes and actually have my shoes off before someone asks me, "What's for dinner?"
  3. I want a vacation by myself! To think alone, to sleep alone, to shower alone and to feel like a sexy beast.. .not a hot mess.
  4. I want one day where I can collapse on the couch and scroll thru Facebook on my phone without having to play the "Five Little Ducks" video instead.
  5. I want the man that scheduled a Kindergarten NFL Flag Football game on Mother's Day to do 500 down-ups.
  6. I want an electronic free day doing something together.
  7. I just want a break from being the referee to my two boys and not hear “he hit me” or “he did it, not me”.
  8. I want to go to the bathroom...close the door...and not here "knock, knock, knock-knock, knock, Elsa??”
  9. I want to look in the mirror and not have to tell myself that it is okay that my body looks like this because I love my boys so much. . . AND I want my old tummy and my smaller and perkier beloved girls back.
  10. I want to sell all of my boys’ legos to a home security business- so no one could break into a house without breaking their neck- and then I could use the money for a one way trip to a tropical paradise.
  11. I would love to have my kids home and for my husband to have to do what I do all day long being a stay at home mom with two kids.
  12. I would like to take a walk, alone, not at my 4 year old's pace where it takes 30 minutes to get to the end of the street, or my 19 year old's pace where I'm running to keep up with him.
  13. I want a date night with my husband, where I get to feel special for one day of the year. No kids.... just a day where I am put first.
  14. I just want ONE day where I do not have to hear Frozen's "Let It Go!" OR Olaf singing "In Summer".
  15. I want someone else to make lunches, dinner, and do the dishes, all at the same time.
  16. I would like, no LOVE, to sleep in. Perhaps until 8, or better yet, until I feel like getting out of bed.
  17. I want my house to be cleaned, the kids to be cared for and for me to just enjoy time with my family WITHOUT the RESPONSIBILITY that comes with motherhood, except, maybe, the cuddles!!!
  18. I want to go back in time, remembering all I know now about how much I would miss those years, to when the kids were all a whole lot younger so I could enjoy one of those tiring, frustrating, difficult, beautiful days again.
  19. I want to do it all over again. Being a mom was the best part of my life and I miss it. Well, I guess I must say though, it is nice that my beautiful adult daughter and son-in-law are going to make me dinner.
  20. My youngest turned 21 today and I would love to have just one more day filled with all of the things we complain about as moms. Believe it or not, you truly will miss these days.

Source: Huffington Post—Comment section to article “What Moms Really Want For Mother’s Day.


Featured Article

Inherited wealth need not be “an albatross around the neck of the children” as Sting so succinctly put it recently when asked if he was leaving his wealth to his children.


His children will not see much of his millions, but not all wealthy parents feel the way he does.  Many a great family fortune has been built by successive generations of the same family – and many lost as well. The difference is that successful families develop skills in the next generation for respecting, protecting and growing inherited wealth. 


Covie Edwards-Pitt, the author of a book called Raised Healthy, Wealthy & Wise, says there are four critical skills children must develop before they receive an inheritance from parents or a trust. She interviewed scores of successful inheritors to identify theses four skills, which are:


1. The ability to earn their own money and live off what they make. Children raised with wealth feel they are the most successful when they earn enough on their own to support themselves without the family money.


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