May 2014 Newsletter

Laura K. Meier
Creating estate, business, and life plans that ensure a family’s complete protection and well-being.
 Personal Note From Josh and Laura
Josh Meier
We hope Father's Day was great for you. Unfortunately for Josh, our kids present to him was getting sick on his special day. He at least enjoyed their sweet homemade cards and had some fun on Monday at a golf tournament benefiting the Orange County Ronald McDonald House. Here is a picture of him taking his swing!
As the school year comes to an end, we want to celebrate all those who graduated this year.  Our own Nicole Gilbert is officially a UCI graduate and was fortunate to have President Obama speak at her graduation. We wish Nicole all the best as she starts her new career.
All the best,
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Weekly Quick-Step For the Prosperous Family
Quick-Step: Say sorry.
What it is: It is an extremely important word most of us do not like having to say.
Why you need this: Everyone makes mistakes, but admitting them can be tough. Learning to say I am sorry, both for adults and for children, is an important practice that helps mend and honor relationships, frees us from regret, and allows us to experience forgiveness.
Estimated time: 5 seconds to indefinitely, depending on what you did!
How to do it:  If it is hard for you to say "I am sorry", try any of the 10 alternate phrases below, and make every effort to avoid the poor behavior or action going forward.
1. My reactions were too extreme.
2. I really blew that one.
3. Let me try again.
4. I want to be gentler to you right now and I don't know how.
5. Tell me what you hear me saying.
6. I can see my part in all this.
7. How can I make things better?
8. Let's try that one over again.
9. What you are saying is...
10. Let me start again in a softer way.
Source: The Gottman Institute, Inc.
Featured Article
Estate Planning For the Blended Family
With so many remarriages in America today, you or a family member may be part of a blended family. Balancing the needs of everyone in a blended family can be a complicated task, especially when it comes to estate planning.
It is not unusual for blended families to avoid addressing how family members will be treated for inheritance purposes, even when they all get along well. However, as any estate planning attorney will tell you, having no plan for your blended family is not a good plan at all.

Overall, an effective estate plan for a blended family will ensure that:

  • Any ex-spouses do not inherit;
  • The children are protected;
  • Your current spouse is provided for;
  • Any estate taxes are minimized.
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Upcoming Events
Kids Guardian Workshop
Date: Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Time: 6:00pm - 7:15pm 
Location: Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Beach - 1470 Temple Terrace, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Free Pizza and Child Care for Your Kids
Parents will learn the 6 basic protections every family must have. Plus, parents who attend can complete legal documents naming permanent guardians for free—a $500 value!
Would you like us to conduct a workshop for your group?
We currently have one workshop opening for July. If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please call Bonnie at 949.718.0420 or email her at [email protected].
Thank You
We want to sincerely thank Roland Ho and UC Irvine Child Development School for hosting our Special Needs Workshop last week.
Thank you also to the Tustin Community Broker Preview for hosting our How to Hold Title to Real Estate presentation.
We want to sincerely thank Ron Siegel with the Ron Siegel Home and Finance Radio Show for having Josh on your program.