Leave Behind Something Far More Valuable Than Money

If something ever happened to you, your loved ones would miss you deeply. They would long to hear your words of counsel and concern for them. They would give anything just to hear your voice again. And for younger children whose memories often fade, they especially would want the tremendous gift of knowing who you were and what you wanted for them.

At Meier Law Firm, we know that leaving a part of yourself behind is far more important and valuable than money or personal belongings. We make it easy for you to leave behind your legacy in a unique Legacy Interview— special audio recorded interview with you where you can pass along your insights, wisdom, values, special memories, hopes, and love for those who mean the most to you.

What would it be worth? EVERYTHING! Which is why we include the special Legacy Interview as part of every estate planing package. Contact us today and learn more about how you can pass along your legacy.

The Legacy Interview

  • Your relationships
  • Your values
  • Your beliefs
  • Your special memories
  • Ensure your family would never get locked into a custody battle.
  • Ensure your loved ones could make medical decisions for your children the way you’d want.
  • Your hopes for your loved ones
  • Your life advice
  • Your love