June 2018 Newsletter

Laura K. Meier
Creating estate, business, and life plans that ensure a family’s complete protection and well-being.

June 2018 Edition includes:

  • San Diego & Father's Day
  • Family Quick Tip—For the Graduates
  • 10 Important Values I "Inherited" from My Dad
  • Summer Speaking Opportunities & Upcoming Events
  • Thank You
  • Welcome Roslyn & Sandie
  • Just Call Bonnie!

San Diego Fun and Father's Day!

Dear Jonathan,

I can’t believe it’s already June. I think I am the only parent who has yet to finalize summer plans for their kids!

We took a fun trip over Memorial Day to Coronado Island. If you haven’t been to Loew's Resort with your family, you really should! The pools are amazing and it is such a family friendly resort.

One morning I had breakfast just with Jack and it was the best mother/son date ever. I sat there thinking there was no other place I’d rather be at that moment, so that was a win!

We also took the kids to Sea World and they helped us avoid a political dilemma because none of them wanted to watch the orca show :) Instead, they guilted me into going on Shipwreck Rapids so I had the pleasure of walking back to the car at night in sopping wet sweat pants and driving back to the hotel with a towel around my waist. It was not my classiest moment but we had so much fun!

A big happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, especially to my husband Josh, my dad, and Josh's dad! And congratulations to all the graduates, including Bonnie and Jonathan’s son Noah, and Roslyn’s son Devin! Also congrats to our son Conrad who graduates from 8th grade next week. That's him in the picture with Josh on awards night!

All the best,

Laura and Josh


Prosperous Family Quick Tip—For the Graduates!

Chief Supreme Court Justice John Robert's wishes all of our graduates 'bad luck', and we couldn't agree more. May any hard times ahead bring you love, justice, loyalty, and success. We are all here to support youRead his full remarks here.


10 Important Values I ‘Inherited’ From My Dad...

As an estate lawyer, we emphasize the word ‘inheritance’ a lot—who will you leave your money to when you pass away, who gets your home, who gets the family business, etc.

But the more I work with people at the end of their lives, or after a loved one has passed, I’ve come to understand that the greatest inheritance one can ever leave behind is their love and legacy.

I was recently debating out loud at work over a decision and I mentioned something my Dad had told me in the past. Bonnie said to me, “Does your Dad have any idea what an influence he has had on you? Do you know how many times you bring him up and think what he would say or do when you go to make a decision?”

It’s true that my Dad has had a huge influence on my life. I am very fortunate to have been raised by such a good man and father. As I think about Father’s Day, I think about the wonderful gifts he has given me over the years and how proud I am to be his daughter. (My mom is awesome too but I’ll save that for a Mother’s Day post!)

Thank you, Dad for all you have done for me and for the strong values we’ve inherited from youHere are my top 10 favorite values from you:

1. Stay Active. My Dad is almost 70, and he still surfs every morning and does not eat anything with sugar. I have so many memories of him running, using exercise machines, and playing basketball. I even remember him lying dead for a day or two on his bed after running a full marathon. So, when I wake up each morning, the first thing I do after situating the kids is work out. Maybe one day I’ll go sugar free.

2. Save Your Money. My Dad is a great saver. I knew the term ‘nest egg’ before I knew where kids came from. He modeled for me the importance of living debt free and living below your means. I once asked him for lunch money as a teenager and he handed me two dollars and said to pay him back. The man treats his cash with care.

3. Have Great Credit. When I was sixteen, my dad sat me down and said he was worried because he sees a lot of kids like me getting pressured when they go to college. I was mortified he was referring to boyfriends when he surprised me and said, “and that’s why you need to always have good credit and not get pressured into signing up for a credit card.” His advice seemed strange at the time, but I remembered it the first time I was on campus and saw the credit card booths. Years later when I was buying a car I told the finance rep that story and she smiled and said “well you obviously listened. Your credit is excellent.” Good tip Dad.

4. Stay Married. My parents have been married... To read the rest click here!


Summer Speaking Opportunities & Upcoming Events

If you'd like to have Josh or Laura speak at an employee lunch and learn this summer, call Bonnie at (949) 718-0420 to reserve your date. Limited availability for July and August. Meier Law Firm handles everything for the event.

Kids Guardian Workshop

Saddleback Moms of Multiples

June 20, 2018 | 7:30pm-9pm

Geneva Presbyterian Church., 24301 El Toro Rd, Laguna Woods, CA 92637

RSVP to Katie Bhargava at [email protected]


Kids Guardian Workshop

UCP of Orange County

September 12, 2018 | 5:30pm-7:30pm

980 Roosevelt #100, Irvine, CA 92620

RSVP to Alicia Stearns at 949-333-6430 or [email protected]. Include your name, phone number, email address and which workshop you are attending.


10 Legal Protections for Children with Special Needs

UCP of Orange County

September 19, 2018 | 5:30pm-7:30pm

980 Roosevelt #100, Irvine, CA 92620

RSVP to Alicia Stearns at 949-333-6430 or [email protected]. Include your name, phone number, email address and which workshop you are attending.


Thank You For Loving Us On YELP! We Love You Too!

Thank you for making us #1 on Yelp in our Community!

Review Highlight:

"Finding myself in a very emotional family trust issue, Josh helped me in a very calm and compassionate manner. My life was turned upside down and I put full trust in all of his advice and legal knowledge. He didn't disappoint. He made a very difficult time a little less traumatic for me. He always makes himself available for any questions or problems that arise. I have now created my own trust using his expertise and have peace of mind knowing that my children will be protected in case of the unthinkable. I can't thank him enough. I also have to give two thumbs up to Bonnie and the rest of his office staff."—Kimberly B., Costa Mesa

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Thank you For Your ReferralsWorkshops, and the Luxurious Hair Care Products!

We are so thankful for all of your trust and support!

Thank you for the referrals: Kelly Bradshaw, Dominic Riccabona, Tim & Sarah Middleton, Jim Bray, Jason Sabaugh, and Chris Ivey

Thank you for hosting us: Signature Resources, Gunwhale Ales, First Presbyterian Church of Burlingame

And thank you to our wonderful client who brought us some amazing hair care products from Glass Moderne! Bonnie and I feel like we will have celebrity hair now!


Welcome Roslyn and Sandie!

Well we can't seem to get away from hiring within the same family lol. Our latest additions to our growing team are Roslyn Drotar-Cassidy and Sandie Vetter, who are sisters!! Sandie joins us as a paralegal, and Roslyn as our new marketing director. We are so thankful to have them here with us. Click to read about Roslyn and Sandie. Welcome!


Just Call Bonnie!

If you would like to meet with us, the door is always open! Just give Bonnie a call at (949) 718-0420 or email [email protected].

Be sure to bring Jonathan and Bonnie a box of tissues when you visit. Their oldest son graduated this week and is headed off to Westmont College. We are so proud of you Noah! And thank you for being an awesome assistant here at the firm!