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Laura K. Meier
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 Personal Note From Josh and Laura​
We hope the school year is off to a great start for your family. This week, Conrad started Fifth Grade and Jack started Kindergarten. Jack was all smiles and Laura was all tears. The photo is of the four of them taken that morning.
School starting again means homework is back again too! This week's quick-step is how to help your kids with their homework and set them up for success.
All the best,
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Weekly Quick-Step For the Prosperous Family

What it is: How to help your kids with their homework.


Why you need this:  With school back in session it’s time to get back into homework mode.  Even if schoolwork wasn’t a problem last year, your kids are one year older and their homework will be increasingly more difficult.  Developing good habits now will train them for the future for when things get even harder.  There is often a thin line between helping your children with homework and actually doing it for them. The tips below will help!


Estimated time: This depends on how old your kids are, but probably at least one hour a day.


How to do it:  Here are 6 steps to help your child learn good homework habits now and prepare them for the future:


  • Have a plan.  A consistent process is the key to developing a great homework routine.  This includes having the same start time everyday for homework, when you check their answers, and even when they break for a snack.  It's also important to establishing “homework goals” with your child that lays out your expectations for results (i.e. 100% grade).
  • Know when to get extra help.  Some concepts are very difficult for children to understand- and quite frankly it has been a while since the parents were in school themselves!  There is no shame in obtaining private tutoring.  This can often be provided at low cost through the school or through private programs.
  • Pick the right spot.  Have a dedicated homework spot where your children can do their homework every day.  If they don’t have a desk space somewhere, this can even be the kitchen table - you just have to make sure your things are cleared off and there is space for them to work.
  • Try not to be so helpful!  If you do your kids' homework, they will get good grades on their assignments but will not get any of the intended benefits of homework.  Let them work things out on their own, especially as they get older. Getting a bad grade isn’t the worst thing in the world, and they’ll learn from it!
  • Don’t let them get away with “forgetting” homework.  Most schools today will actually put all homework assignments online for parents to check.  If there is a late assignment added however, it is your child’s responsibility to make sure it gets done.  If they forget an assignment don’t let it slide so easy.  This will instill in their minds the importance of homework and responsibility and that it is not acceptable to skip out on things.
  • Provide feedback to the teacher.  If you feel your child's homework is not helpful or not challenging, don’t be afraid to bring this up to the teacher and discuss other options. Most teachers welcome parent feedback and support and want students to feel challenged and engaged by homework.


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Gather the following information in a folder and let your family know where they can find it in case you die unexpectedly or have a health crisis: Read list here.

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