We Answer Some Frequently Asked Questions About Estate Planning

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  • I have an estate plan already and need to make changes. Can your firm help me even if you did not prepare the plan?

    We typically do not make amendments to plans prepared by other attorneys because of liability concerns.  However, we can amend and restate your trust in its entirety, so you can keep the name of your trust, but update all the content to become current with recent changes in law, and to reflect your current wishes.  We can also provide you a full review of your current estate plan, so you are aware of what changes should be considered. 

  • Will my California estate plan still work if I move out of state?

    Many of our clients lived or owned property here, and subsequently have moved out of state.  Because technology makes it easy to stay connected, we can usually continue to assist clients even when they move away.  You can also hold any U.S. based assets in your California revocable living trust, often eliminating the need to start over when you move away. 

  • Can I change my plan in the future?

    Yes, if you have mental capacity, you can make changes to your estate plan during your lifetime, also provided your plan is revocable. 

  • Where should I store my estate planning documents?

    We recommend you store your estate planning documents in a secure location that can be easily accessed during an emergency.  For this reason, it’s important for you to tell your key decision makers under your estate plan where you keep your documents, how to conveniently access your plan, and how to get in touch with your attorney.  We do not recommend you provide copies to your key decision makers in case you change your plan down the road.  We also encourage clients to file their Medical Directives with their primary physician and local hospital.