Is There Any Good Coming from This Challenging Time?

Laura K. Meier
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Is There Any Good Coming from This Challenging Time?

Hello from the Meier household. Yes, we are all alive and well. Please disregard any chaos you may be hearing if you are our neighbors!

Josh will be the first to tell you that I’m not always one to look on the bright side. If there is something to worry about, I usually will. In one sense that’s what makes me effective at estate planning because I can anticipate the “what if’s” in life and mitigate crises before it happens. The flip side though is feeling anxious during stressful times.

Well, I think I can speak for all of us when I say, A LOT has recently gone wrong. People are struggling with their businesses, people are losing their jobs, people are feeling isolated, people are getting sick, and people are dying. This is not the “If Life Were Perfect” scenario that any of us wanted.

Yet, today, after another meltdown of trying to learn how to homeschool my kids only to go to my local supermarket and see the empty shelves, I found myself taking a step back and asking, what is going right?


After really thinking of it, I found some positives in this otherwise challenging time! Here is what comes to mind:

1. We Are Remembering Our Seniors. Many of my clients are seniors. They sometimes share with me how they feel alone, or how their family members who help care for them feel overwhelmed. It is so great to see others looking out for seniors right now, checking on our neighbors, and seeing if they need anything from the store. I hope these new relationships and demonstrations of concern will continue when life resumes.

2. We Are Remembering How Immaterial Material Things Are. No one cares any more who has a Louis Vuitton or who went where on vacation. We are all at home in our sweats with no means or desire to impress anyone.

3. We Don’t Have Sports. Okay, now I know this is the worst part for the guys, but who is secretly happy we get a break from little league or having to watch sports on TV? Don’t be mad at me for that one (Josh).

4. We Can Go to Church Now in Our Pajamas. No Sunday morning rush or having to get dressed up. While I miss my little 5th graders I teach on Sundays and the doughnuts of course, I kind of like rolling out of bed and video recording a message for them, where they don’t care if I look disheveled.

5. We Get Precious Downtime Together. I am just like every other mom out there where I am going a little insane with a full house, but will there ever be another time where we get to all be together and it’s perfectly acceptable to watch endless movies and not have friends over? I mean, we pay a lot of money for cabins to do that and now we get it without the drive or guilt of missing out on anything.

6. The Kids Are Finally Playing Outside. We went from, get off the Nintendo Switch to yes, it’s a bummer we can’t swim right now. There’s something about having schoolwork online and missing recess that is making my kids want to play in the backyard as much as possible.

7. There’s Less Online Fighting and Negativity. I saw a political rant on my Facebook feed among a sea of funny memes about life right now and thought thank goodness that funny and light-hearted posts are making a comeback !

8. My Husband Sees How Hard It Is Working From Home. It’s not easy making peanut butter sandwiches in between dealing with a client crisis. Josh freaked out a little this morning when he realized he had not showered yet before his Zoom meeting and I thought, vindication at last! I've genuinely enjoyed watching him go around with a Clorox bottle in between work calls and asking what is wrong with these kids!

9. Everyone is Gaining Weight. This shut down smokes Christmas! Anyone who comes out of this fit is going to be shamed by the rest of us. Plus with the gyms closed, we don’t even have to feel guilty for not trying.

10. We Now Have the New Irrefutable Excuse for EVERYTHING. No need to come up with an excuse for not doing something anymore. Social distancing is the ultimate excuse we have all been waiting for, and we actually get praised for doing it!

I have to keep a sense of humor and a positive perspective to console me during the seriousness and sadness of this all. I know this is terrible everyone, some way more than others. We feel sickened by the impact this is having on everyone, our family included. The more we can come together, and the more we can lift up each other's spirits, the easier it is to cope.

What is the silver lining you see in all of this for you or something that will make us smile? I’d love to hear from you. Please hit reply to this email and let me know how you are holding up. Maybe this (hopefully short lived) era when pinto beans were the new Filet Mignon won’t end up being as awful as it feels.

In the meantime, let me know if there is anything you need. If you or a loved one needs assistance with estate planning, financial planning, or life insurance, please forward this email to them or call me at 949-718-0420We are fully functioning and helping people set up or update their estate plan through phone calls and video chats. We are here for you in the good times and the bad times, now and always. You are on our minds.

Warmest regards,

Laura and Josh

P.S. Please make sure the people you designated in your Advanced Health Care Directive know how to contact us in a medical emergency. We have copies of your legal documents and can provide vital guidance and support.

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