How Will You Need To Bend This Week?

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How Will You Need To Bend This Week?

I hope you had a great Easter! We loved ours so much that I sort of wish we could do it again this way next year (minus the virus of course). There was something about waking up Sunday morning without a single commitment, eating homemade almond croissants Josh made while watching Andrea Boccelli sing Amazing Grace and Joel Osteen in our pajamas, that made me so thankful for the simplicity of our current life. With talk of the stay at home order being extended, part of me feels trapped, while the other part of me secretly feels sad it will eventually end. I do wish I could hug all my loved ones though.


I know right now we are all trying to make the most of a very challenging situation. I’m reminded of some great advice I got from a surgeon earlier this year when I was going through a challenging situation, and dealing with the complexities that come with owning a business, being married, and raising children. She said, “you know, sometimes you’ve just got to bend.” She explained how learning to bend and compromise and not take things personally helped her have a successful career, marriage, and raise three wonderful children.

And I think her sage advice is particularly relevant to all of us right now, as we face another week in quarantine, when there’s a 100% chance things will go wrong and our kids will not stay focused on home school, our iphone will have a glitch, our spouse will get annoyed with us, the media will say something ridiculous, and our stocks or finances will take a hit. Like a palm tree in a hurricane that can bend all the way over with the winds and not break, when these things happen this week and drive us crazy, let us stop and remember to bend.

The happiest families I have worked with as an estate planning lawyer, or the families who have endured the most difficult of times, are those who have embraced this approach to life. Please know that as you face these tough and uncertain times this week (or down the road), you are not alone. My family and my team will be here to encourage you, guide you, pray for you, and comfort you now and always.

Please hit reply to this email or call me at 949-718-0420 so I can help you best prepare and get through. I'd also genuinely love to hear from you and see how you are doing.

Warmest regards,

Laura and Josh

The Meier Law Firm

p.s. You can click here to watch the Andrea Boccelli performance if you didn’t get a chance to see it yesterday.

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