"How Does The World Need You Right Now?"

Laura K. Meier
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"How Does The World Need You Right Now?"

Josh and I watched “Groundhog Day” the other night with the kids. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a classic comedy with Bill Murray where he wakes up over and over on the same exact day. Well, I think we are all living in Groundhog Day right now, and like the film, it is a little sweet and a little bit of a nightmare. I now get why he jumped out a window in the middle of the film just trying to get the day over with.

Even yesterday being April 1st, there was no April Fools Day prank we could come up with for the kids that wasn't already true"Hey kids, school's canceled! Hey kids, you can't see your friends anymore! Hey kids, the world shut down!"

It's also no joke hearing from several friends and clients of ours that they've lost their jobs or their business is struggling. Compound all that with the fear of catching Covid-19 or trying to home school the kids through Zoom, and it’s the perfect recipe for a meltdown. When my kids asked me what was wrong yesterday the only thing I could say was, "I just want to go to Fashion Island." They teased me about that all day!

It’s hard to know what we should all be doing right now since no one really knows. But I did receive a cool email from life coach and advice columnist Susie Moore along those lines asking, “how does the world need you right now?” When I really thought about it, it made me think that I should let your family know, first and foremost, we are here for you.


You already know we provide estate planning services, but here are some other ways we can help support you right now:

1. Life Insurance. If you have been laid off from your job, your life insurance policy through your employer may have been affected. We can have your existing life insurance policies reviewed so you can understand your coverage, and we can directly connect you with a trusted advisor who can help you secure a new policy as a stop gap during this time.

2. Employee and Small Business Assistance. The government announced a stimulus package with several programs to assist employees and small business owners affected by the Covid-19 situation. We can connect you directly with a trusted advisor who can help you understand if you are eligible for any of these programs and help you apply.

3. Asset Protection. Many of our high-net worth clients, business owner clients, and physician clients are at increased risk of frivolous lawsuits which historically spike during economic downturns. If you have more than $2 million in assets, own a business, or are a physician, we strongly suggest you talk with us now about legal options to protect your assets before it’s too late. There really is an optimal time frame to set things up in advance.

4. Introductions. Do you have a service that can help a particular group of people during the shutdown? If so, let us know who you can best help, and we will see if we have a contact for you. For us, we are trying to connect with as many physicians and nurses as possible right now as they really need our help, but because they don’t have time to vet us, they are relying on others they trust like you to tell them who to use. We can completely help hospital workers virtually and fast track their plans, so please pass that along to your friends working in the hospitals. We can also review their existing estate planning documents for free.

5. Good Vibes and Prayers. We really are all in this together. We are keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers and hoping that good things can come from this very challenging time. I posted a one-page prayer guide from Dynamic Catholic on my Instagram @meetthemeiers on specific ways to pray for each other.

Feel free to give us a call at 949-718-0420 if there is anything we can do to help support you. Or, you can hit reply to this email and it will go directly to me. Thanks for all your support and for your continued trust.

Warmest regards,

Laura and Josh

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