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We have a two-part virtual workshop series we think your company or group is going to love!

So many families felt unprepared and caught of guard by COVID and its impact on our health and safety, our finances, and our families.

Those important things we had previously put off like setting up a family budget, having an emergency fund, making a will or having protective medical documents are now front and center on all our minds.

Many families are asking what do we need to continue to weather this stormHow can I protect my finances, my assets, and my family's safety and well-being?

We know you care about your employees/members and their families and that's why we put together a two-part interactive virtual workshop series on budgeting and estate planning so families can get educated and guided on what they must do to protect their assets and loved ones.


Here is what you need to know about these workshops:

Our Budgeting Workshop is a one-hour interactive workshop that helps families understand how to set up a budget using our easy P.E.A.C.E. process to take control of their finances, pay off debt, and save for these troubling times. Families also learn the Core Four Power Plays that every family needs for its total wealth protection.

Our Estate Planning Workshop is a one-hour interactive workshop that helps families understand how to name guardians for their kids so a judge would never choose, how to avoid a long and expensive court process known as probate, how to make their medical wishes known and honored, and how to leave behind more than just money.

Here is how we can bring these workshops to your company or group:

Scheduling our online workshops for your company or group is easy. Just give Bonnie Johnson a call at 949-718-0420 or click here to email her directly to reserve a date and time that works best for you. Most companies and groups reserved a 12pm-1pm time slot on a Tuesday (Budgeting) and Thursday (Estate Planning) after determining that was the optimal time for employees/members.

We are currently only hosting one workshop series per week so reserve now before dates fill up. Please note that we only have one remaining spot available for July. (Week of July 27-31).

We do not currently charge a fee for our virtual workshops.

Want to check out a recent workshop and see what you think?

You can view a recent estate planning workshop we did for the staff members at a local community college by clicking on this link. This will give you a great idea of what our workshop would look like for your company or group.

We look forward to helping you make a difference to the families who rely on you!

Warmest regards,

Laura and Josh

p.s. Thank you to our recent workshops hosts. We know your employees/members greatly appreciated it and we enjoyed our time together!

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