Charitable Giving – Staying Under the Radar Screen

Giving anonymously isn’t easy, especially for the superrich.

Most charitable givers do not give for the attention they will receive as a result. In fact, most of them eschew attention because it tends to only invite more uninvited “attention” for
further generosity.

Whatever your reason, consider taking steps to ensure your own anonymity even as you go out and try to ensure the wellbeing of your favorite charities. How do you give  anonymously?

In short, this is a common predicament and there are several established charitable vehicles for giving with solutions that promise some amount of anonymity. Some, as you may expect, are better than others.

For a breakdown and analysis of these vehicles, take a look at a recent Forbes article titled “How To Stay Anonymous When You Give To Charity.” In the end, the best solutions tend to vary based on the nature of the assets you intend to give, the scope of your giving, and on the charitable recipients.


Reference:  Forbes (September 19, 2012) “How To Stay Anonymous When You Give To Charity

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