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    Apr 13 12

    The New Wealthy Show Their Tax Savvy

    Newport Beach Law Firm

    There’s nothing illegal about what these executives did. In fact, the Facebook registration statement and others that FORBES examined read like a playbook of how the ultra-rich and even the moderately wealthy can operate within the law to transfer vast sums and preserve assets–from the tax man and from creditors.

    In case you missed it, there is something of a renewed technology boom underway. While the stars (read: Mark Zuckerberg, et al) of this boom seem to be ever younger, they are demonstrating some old-soul savvy when it comes to planning and structuring their current tax minimization and wealth transfer maximization.

    In a sense, planning for and about wealth is always also planning about the future; that’s an important point even for those who already are “wealthy.” To glean some lessons from the rising technology stars, tap into a recent list of steps you can take, featured in a Forbes article aptly titled You Don't Have To Be A Billionaire To Plan Like One. 

    I recommend clicking over to the original article, but the main takeaway is that classical “personal finance” is working hand in hand with classical “estate planning” in so many of these steps and “tricks.”

    Reference: Forbes (April 3, 2011) “You Don't Have To Be A Billionaire To Plan Like One

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