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    Nov 15 12

    Helping Your Elderly Divorced Parents in Newport Beach

    Newport Beach Law Firm

    soon as you have an inkling that a divorced parent might need assistance, it
    definitely requires a family meeting," says Joy Loverde, author of
    "The Complete Eldercare Planner." "Everyone needs to be there,
    to open up about any concerns, to start sharing responsibilities. Start talking
    about it right now; do not wait."

    Woman giving elderly woman medicineDivorce is simply not a young
    person issue. In fact, boomers struggling to help their elderly divorced
    parents are starting to offer evidence that there are issues and unpleasant
    surprises awaiting those families who have not planned ahead.

    The evidence has been slowly
    coming in for a while, of course, but current articles have helped to publicly
    put the pieces together for us. For example, consider a recent article in Reuters titled “Double the trouble when divorced parents get

    In broad strokes, marriage is
    and has been an important institution for us. Not only does it order our daily
    lives, but it organizes our longtime finances as well. On the other hand,
    divorced persons simply have to plan that much more for their own old age,
    especially when it comes to the question of living alone and perhaps shouldering
    medical care by yourself.

    More often than not, this
    actually is an issue for the adult children of divorced parents. After all,
    it’s already an era that calls for more and more care from children, but taking
    care of Mom and Dad is an entirely different concept when they are no longer
    together or there for each other.

    Takeaway: for divorced
    individuals, this is simply something more to consider in your planning for the
    future; and for families, this is a necessary issue to address.

    Contact your Newport Beach
    estate planning attorneys at Meier Law Firm to discuss all of your estate
    planning needs

    Reference: Reuters
    (October 22, 2012) “Double the trouble when divorced parents get

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