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    The 10 Keys to Planning and Living Your Best Retirement

    stock-footage-retired-couple-readingLong summer days give us all the tiniest snippet of a glimpse into what retirement might be like…i.e., extra time to do what we want. But to have a fulfilling and enriching retirement, you need to do more than just wait to stumble upon your retirement. You need to plan! And we’re not just talking about the financial planning side of things, although that is obviously critical.

    A Forbes Next Avenue column, based on author Dave Bernard’s book, I Want to Retire!, provides 10 keys to planning and living your best retirement:

    Make the best of it. Accepting the realities of aging and making the best of whatever life throws in your path is the best mindset to approach your retirement with – and a sense of humor doesn’t hurt either.

    Take it easy on yourself. Give yourself permission to make mistakes, because you will. Don’t feel guilty if you spend some time just doing nothing; instead, enjoy your good fortune at just being retired.

    Live your legacy. The legacy we all want to leave our families is much more than just money or things. Be – or continue to be – the person you want to be remembered as by your children and grandchildren.

    Take a chance. Approach retirement with a goal of trying something new. In other words, step out of your comfort zone. Keep learning; it’s a key to staying young.

    Be frugal. Try to leave below your means, since it is highly likely you will encounter unexpected expenses at some time during your retirement.

    Just do it. Strive for a good balance between relaxation and activity – too much of either doesn’t usually work out too well.

    Live in the now. None of us knows for certain how much time we have; don’t let planning be the enemy of doing.

    No regrets. Make amends, clear the air, and do what is necessary so that you have no regrets that will haunt your retirement years.

    Pursue a passion. When you were working, you likely dreamed of following your passion in some area. Retirement gives you the opportunity to do that; don’t waste it.

    Family first. Research shows that retirees with a rich family life enjoy their retirement much more, so spend some of that extra time you now have on fostering any neglected relationships and just being there for family and friends.

    If you would like to have a talk about retirement planning, call your Newport Beach Trust and Estate Attorney today at 949.718.0420 to schedule a time for us to sit down and talk. We normally charge $750 for an Achieve Your Dreams Planning Session, but because this planning is so important, I’ve made space for the next two people who mention this article to have a complete planning session at no charge. Call today and mention this article.

    Many Seniors Unaware Of Available Assistance

    Millions of seniors in the United States are missing out on more than $20 billion in aid
    that could help pay for food, medicine and heating, simply because they don't
    know it's there.

    America’s elderly have had an increasingly difficult time over the past decade or so, if not before, and it’s not necessarily going to get easier.

    Still, there are more sources of aid available. As reported in a recent Reuters article, millions of seniors are missing out on more than $20 billion through various programs for food, medicine, and heating.

    In response, the NCOA (National Council On Aging) and several other organizations have launched campaigns to educate seniors on what’s available. The Reuters article provides more information regarding the programs. In addition, you may want to check out a more recent article from the New Old Age Blog of the New York Times, here.

    Reference: Reuters (February 14, 2012) “U.S. seniors missing out on $20 bln of benefitsand The New York Times – The New Old Age Blog (February 16, 2012) “Tracking Down Government Aid

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