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    Joshua and Laura Meier Newport Beach Trust and Estate Planning Attorneys Focused on Helping Families with Young Kids
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    Register Now to Name Permanent Guardians For Free Online this Thursday!

    Join top OC business and estate planning attorney and mom of three great kids, Laura K. Meier, this Thursday night, April 26, 2012 at 8pm ONLINE, and discover why you must name permanent guardians for your kids so they would never be in temporary foster care or have a judge decide who would raise them, if something happened to you!

    Plus, Laura will show you an easy three-step process for choosing guardians for your kids, and how to avoid the six common mistakes parents (and their lawyers) make when naming guardians.  You will leave the Online Workshop with FREE legal documents naming permanent guardians for your kids, plus the peace of mind of knowing you’ve named guardians “just in case”! 

    Register now at

    Be sure to invite your friends and family!

    Name Permanent Guardians for FREE this Thursday in Newport Beach!

    Join me and one of Orange County's most talented financial advisors, Brandon Burton with Northwestern Mutual, at a free Kids Guardian Workshop tomorrow, March 29, 2012 at 12pm at Northwestern Mutual's beautiful offices located at 1500 Quail Street, Suite 600, Newport Beach CA 92660.  We are excited to have so many great parents joining us to name permanent guardians for their kids, and want you to feel more than welcome to come out and enjoy a complimentary lunch and do something extremely important for your kids! This event is open to all great parents so feel free to invite friends and family to join you in protecting your little ones. Registering is so easy but you must do so by the end of today.  Click here or email or call 949.718.0420. Hope to see you tomorrow!

    TONIGHT at 8pm PST! What would happened to your kids if something happened to you??

    Have you ever wondered what would really happen to your little ones if something happened to you? Have your special clients or family and friends asked themselves this difficult question? The scary reality is that if something did happen to you without you having named permanent guardians for your kids, then your kids could end up in temporary foster care until a judge decided who would raise them! It’s not a scare tactic, it is the truth!

    No parent ever wants their child in foster care or to have a court battle over who should raise them!  You can make sure your kids would be raised the people you love and want by naming permanent guardians for them NOW.

    Join local attorney and mom, Laura K. Meier, for a FREE 20 minute online Kids Guardian Workshop TONGIHT at 8pm PST where you can name permanent guardians for FREE, right from the comfort of your own home! There is no catch or gimmick. Meier Law Firm wants to make sure that every child in our community has a plan in place for them just in case something happens to their parents.  It’s fast, it’s free, and it’s so easy.  You must name permanent guardians for them.

    Plus, you’ll discover at the Workshop the 6 common mistakes parents (and attorneys) make when naming permanent guardians for kids, and an easy three-step process for choosing the right guardians.  All in 20 minutes!

    Register now at or call 949.718.0420. This online workshop is open to all great parents in California so invite your family and friends now to join you in protecting the special kids in your lives.

     Visit to learn more. We’ll see you and other great local parents on March 1st at 8pm!


    Laura K. Meier, Esq.

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