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    Planning for Minors in California

    Does Your Family Have An
    Emergency Plan In Place?

    Protect your kids no matter what!

    • Ensure your children would never be placed in temporary foster care, even for one second, before their permanent guardians could be located.

    • Ensure the people you want would raise your kids.

    • Ensure there is no chance your children would be placed with people you would never want to raise them.

    • Ensure a judge would never decide who would raise your kids.

    • Ensure your family would never get locked into a custody battle.

    • Ensure your loved ones could make medical decisions for your children the way you’d want.

    • Ensure your caregivers would know exactly what to do if you never arrived.

    • Ensure the police and other personnel would know that you have minor children waiting for you at home.

    • Ensure your permanent guardians would have all of the important information they must know about your children.

    No parent ever wants to think about what would happen to their kids if something happened to them. Telling someone you’d want them to raise your children if something happened to you, and even naming permanent guardians in your will may not be enough to avoid temporary foster care!

    If You Never Arrived, What Would Your Caregivers Do?

    At Meier Law Firm, we firmly believe that every family with minor children needs an “in case of emergency” plan so your caregivers and loved ones would know exactly what to do, at every moment of a crises, so there is no chance your children would be placed in temporary foster care or have a judge decide who should raise them. Would your caregivers know who to call? Would your caregivers be able to legally keep your children until their permanent guardians were located?

    Most estate planning law firms will have clients name permanent guardians for their kids and that’s as thorough as it gets. But at Meier Law Firm, we put your children at the center of your plan, the same way you’ve put them at the center of your life.

    Who Would Raise Your Children?

    We know that no one could ever take your place, but we also know that you are the best person to decide who should be your children’s guardian if something happened to you. At Meier Law Firm, we offer a proven method to help parents decide on permanent guardians for their children, so there is no chance a judge would have to decide who should raise them. Avoid custody battles and catastrophe and have a plan in place.





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