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    May 25 12

    Alzheimer’s Miracle Cure on the Horizon?

    Newport Beach Law Firm

    In today’s world, planning for old age can be a challenge- both financially and legally. Additionally, supporting an elderly loved one who is almost certain to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s becomes even more troubling.

    Are you or someone you love at risk for Alzheimer’s in the future? What if the disease could be “cured” before it struck? There may be hope on the horizon, as reported in a New York Times article titled, “New Drug Trial Seeks to Stop Alzheimer’s Before It Starts.”

    While nearly two years away from having even preliminary data, researchers have isolated the genetic family bearing the Alzheimer’s blueprint and are working on a new experimental drug that could cure the problem before it strikes millions bearing the offending gene. These breakthroughs take time.

    The reality is that we don't know what unique challenges we will face in old age.  That's why it is necessary to make financial and legal plans so we're prepared no matter what we face. Accordingly, long-term care financing (e.g., long-term care insurance and/or elder law planning) ought to be considered, along with implementing (or refreshing) your most fundamental legal instruments (e.g., powers of attorney and advance health directives).

    As always, consult competent financial and legal counsel before proceeding. This is not a DIY (do-it-yourself) exercise. Too much is at stake.

    Contact Meier Law firm today for your planning needs.

    Reference: The New York Times (May 15, 2012) “New Drug Trial Seeks to Stop Alzheimer’s Before It Starts

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